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Why Endure?

You may wonder why my fitness blog never talks about “fitness workouts.” To share with you, there is a plethora of information out there on how to do a “squat” or what’s right to eat, what’s not right to eat. You can go to any magazine rack, library, or bookstore and learn how to exercise, even without a personal trainer.

NOTE: It is advised/highly recommended, that when performing any exercises, it is to be performed under the supervision of an experienced fitness professional.

How many of these books or magazines share with you the amount of mental preparation & motivation needed, along with will power, that it takes before enduring an exercise/eating regimen?  This blog is to help those of you that are about to endure, and also those that are currently enduring, in not only exercise & nutrition, but life as well.

Only seeing the “end result” of images fools too many people. Hardly ever is the public given the opportunity to see how long the path is that it takes for people to get to the “end result.” Not being made aware of the sacrifice, dedication, suffering & enduring it takes, causes far too many people to give up too soon.

This is not always the case. Some people do have real health issues that are being taken into consideration, but how do you keep on going even after you “have” been enduring for so long? Some of us have been enduring for years! The question is why endure? In my previous blog post I had stated that endurance develops strength of character. This is true.

People don’t give up because of the enduring. People give up because of the suffering. People stop trying because the suffering is unbearable to them. It’s not when we’re surrounded by those that support us that make it unbearable. It’s when we’re alone with our thoughts and feelings, when we’re tempted by our vices or the weak areas of our will, which make things unbearable…that makes us ask that question to ourselves, “why endure?”

You have to believe with every bit of your mind, heart, & soul (the body will follow whatever the heart and mind decide) that you will come out of this suffering as a better person than you were when you had first started. The growth as an evolving individual will be amazing!

Pressure, heat, and time is what develops a lump of coal into a beautiful diamond gem…and you are far more precious than a small stone. So if pressure, heat, time, & a little polish can create such a piece of beauty…

…Imagine how your life “will be?” It is not a “could be, or should be”…it’s, how will your “diamond” look?

Believe and have faith with all of your mind, heart, and soul that the suffering that you’re enduring for your sacrifice will make you a better person in the end, than when you initially started!

If the suffering is about to be unbearable or is unbearable, give someone you love and trust a call or email. It can be a family member, a friend, a loved one, a counselor, a clergy member…or even your personal trainer 😉


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