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Let Go

I never knew how strong pride could be… that even when you’re sad, depressed (or receiving some type of difficult life challenge that is taking some time to face), that it is your pride that keeps you to hold onto these things.

It was the fact that I had to let go of my pride in order to let go of my sadness. I never knew that  it was not the sadness that I was holding onto, but it was the pride that I held onto that held onto the sadness.

Pride prevents you from seeing so many beautiful opportunities in life. Pride also prevents you from truly forgiving, and moving on in your life.

I am of Puerto Rican descent, and so my culture actually prides itself on having pride for it’s island and culture. I wont deny that it does feel nice sometimes to be a part of something, but what about when your culture prides itself even about negative things?

I choose to no longer strive towards priding myself about something, but I now strive to humble myself when something good happens in my life.

Humbling oneself is not easy. If you can say to yourself that you are humble, chances are you truly are not  humble.

How often do you thank those special in your life?

How often do you take “backstage,” in a life event?

I admit that sometimes I forget to do these things, and it’s honestly embarrassing to say this.

But I will say right now that I am grateful for all those that I have met in my life, whether the experience was interpreted to me as positive or negative, (the experiences were always a lesson meant to be learned), for I could not be the person who I am today without them.

The first step to letting go, is to let go of your pride. The only way to let go of your pride is to humble yourself.

Go thank someone special in your life. (You can thank as many people as you want.)

Thank You!


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  1. February 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Amen brother. Great post.

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