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Work Towards What You Believe In. Believe In What You Love.

All of those who are going through some type of suffering, will you please raise your hands? All of those who are working many hours, or are losing many hours of sleep…will you please raise your hands?

Ever think that those that are born to success do not endure suffering…that only those who are born into a type of poverty or internal struggle are the only ones that suffer? That’s all a lie.

Want to know the truth?

-All people are the same.

-Don’t judge.

-Treat those as you want to be treated.

-Money is not the root of all evil.

-Pride, fear, jealousy, laziness, wrath (vengeance), lust, and greed are.

Work towards what you believe in. Believe in what you love. Follow your deepest most love that never shifted, even through the test of times.

Love will always support you…but never ever in the way that you expected. Love is in the heart and soul, not in the mind.


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