About Founder of Trinity Lifestyle Fitness

Founder, Lifestyle Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer


Jose Gomez has been in the health, fitness & wellness industry for more than six years. Having started his passion in health and wellness beginning at the age of 16. He started with his appreciation for the integration of  “soul searching” required in martial arts. He has a deep appreciation for the required in martial arts along with the meditation, and rigorous physical training.

On his path of understanding the concepts of mind, body, and soul. He realized an ever-widening gap of people’s connection within themselves, and what’s truly important. There was a lack of knowledge concerning the importance of the connection of the mind, body, and soul and what’s deep within their being.

Becoming one of the top personal trainers in Manhattan, and training at one of the top personal training facilities in the United states, Jose has recognized an almost constant pattern and correlation with people’s ailment’s, allergies, a lack of proper nutrition, an overload of stress, the ever increasing amounts of toxic metals, greenhouse gases and petroleum products in our food, air, and water.

The holistic approach of health, fitness, and wellness are incorporated in Jose’s company, “Trinity Lifestyle Fitness,” that focuses on the balance of the mind, body, and soul, through such methodologies as Lifestyle management, personal fitness training, massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, vitamins, antioxidants, & enzyme supplementation, meditation, journal writing, reflection, and prayer.

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    Hi, nice to meet you !

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