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Be Brave!

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Humans are creatures of habit. We were designed to create a comfortable living environment. This is to ensure survival of our species. However, through time, we have evolved into intellectual creatures of thought, feeling, and reasoning…not just reacting.

Had you ever felt like it was time to take the next step in your transition of life? Like you outgrew an opportunity, or have moved on into a new page in the book of your life? Scary…but yet, at the same time it’s exciting! You finally graduated from a type of “school,” or you finally got to the next “level in the game, and are ready to upgrade.” You’re about to be facing new challenges and experiences, which are entirely different from what you were used to. You don’t know the answers to the problems, but must now apply the experience that you have learned from the training of your previous experience. Have faith that the knowledge and wisdom that you have learned will point you in the right direction to where you have to go on your path in your life.

I too am going through some serious transitions in my life as well. When the time is right, I will share, but just know that you are not alone.

Be Brave!




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