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Being On A New Path In Life

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

In one of my previous blog passages I had written about making the decision to walk on a new path in life after you have “fallen” on your journey. I spoke of the new path being unknown, and even scary. Before I talk more about the difference between the two paths, I want to bring a little more clarity.

The path of life that you walk on is like a tree. No tree on mother earth grows straight up, for even the great redwood tree’s branches grow outward so as to collect light from the sun, and even bamboo curves over the years as it grows.

When you were on your old path in life, you may have received many blessings, such as increased wealth, opportunities, and responsibilities. But now maybe something has happened in your life to cause you to lose your increased wealth, & opportunities, and maybe even lost your relationship with someone in your life. Hopefully you have completed your grieving, and are starting to notice something different about your life.

Do you notice that the air you breathe may seem a little different? Maybe the opportunities that you’re receiving are a little different? Do you even notice that you may be at the start of a new relationship? Take a look at your surroundings, they’re not the same…even your mind doesn’t feel the same. You are on a new path in your life; you have started a new chapter in your book…maybe you have even started reading an entirely new book!

Do not question the world, “why am I on a new path? It’s scary!” Do not fear the unknown of the new things in life that are being revealed to you. Embrace them, as you deserve them! You deserve new opportunities, new responsibilities, new friends, even a new relationship with someone special! Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated!!! A tree does not question why it must grow upwards towards something greater than itself. A tree just knows that it must grow upwards…towards the light 😉 We must grow “upwards & forwards,” towards the light, (towards the truth), towards love.

Some of you may still be enduring though…going through a very challenging time in your life, and feel like there is no end in sight. If it is something that is in your control, then you must change your ways before you become the doing of your own destruction. If it is something that is out of your control, please know that my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I may not have the personal experience of what you are going through, but know that you are not alone. Find those people who have survived through the same trials and tribulations, and look to them for strength and guidance. If you do not have the strength or will to do the research on your own, just simply ask the person nearest to you. Seek, and you shall find. I have two blog passages that may be of some use as well, titled “Why Endure,” and “How Do You Stay Motivated.” Every little bit helps! 🙂

No matter what the path is that you are on in your journey, know that it is love that you should be seeking. All other things tangible will be provided.

*I have just created a vlog version of the passage. Please feel free to check it out!



Where Have You Been?…The Process It Took To Get Out Of My Depression.

August 29, 2010 8 comments

I always have a bit of sadness in my heart whenever I reach the end of a really good book. When I finish it, I reminisce of the climaxes of the book, the wonderful characters that I got to meet along the way, and most importantly, how the story of the book had affected my life and influenced a new perspective to look at life. Of course not all books are like that, but you know which books that I am referring to. These types of books symbolize life and the struggles that we go through.

I myself have currently reached the end of a particular chapter in my personal life, and I want to share with you about this chapter of my life, in hopes that it will inspire you, and motivate you in your personal life.

About five or six months ago I made it my life mission to make as many new friends as possible. I didn’t care where life would take me, didn’t care how little sleep that I got, nor did I care how much money would be spent. I was determined to meet as many good-hearted people as the world would allow me to. I wanted to meet these people so that they would know that there is one more good-hearted person in this world to add to their circle.

New York gives a double-edged impression. One impression is that it’s full of the energy of driven people, who are here to live a better life and make their dreams come true. The other impression is that you must step on people to get to “the top.” “The Top,” is imaginary…opportunities, and success in this city, (and this world), are endless, so to think that you need the mindset to manipulate, hurt, or destroy people to get somewhere in this life is to have the mindset of a fool.

Some of you may know that I have a beautiful young daughter who is safely loved in Korea with her mother. This was, (and still is), a very hard challenge for me, as I am missing out on my daughter, Lydia, growing up. Understand that I am sharing this with you for two important reasons. One reason is for a healing process for myself, as this is a part of my reality. The second, and most important reason is to share with people who are currently suffering and enduring, so that way they know that IT IS possible to move on, and YOU WILL move on.

I went through a serious depression for about five or six months, (honestly, it was as I was meeting everyone), but during that time frame, I learned many things about myself and about my life, (and about the lives of those beautiful people who I have met). I realized that I could not stay depressed, and I had to take steps to move on and continue with life. Without my faith in God, and the love and support from my family and friends, I would have never made it out of that depression successfully. *”Successfully,” means not giving up…It does not mean “not making mistakes.” (Be prepared to make many mistakes).

This traumatizing event made me realize how truly import a support circle really is. This is what made me decide to go out and make friends. So again this brings me back to where I made it my life mission to make as many new friends as possible. I didn’t care where life would take me, didn’t care how little sleep that I got, nor did I care how much money would be spent. I was determined to meet as many good-hearted people as the world would allow me to.

The people that I have met are truly amazing. And the people who I have known, our love for each other grew ever stronger. The amount of personality, gifts, and talents that they have are so awe-inspiring! Everyone who I knew and had met, the amount of love, loyalty, and compassion that, is in their hearts, motivates me everyday to be just as good of a friend, if not more! I knew that there were good-hearted people in New York… I just had to go out and find them.

In appreciation to all of my family and friends who have helped me get through my trials and tribulations, I have made a slide show, (My heartfelt apologies, but I don’t have photos of all of the friends that I have met along the way). To all of those that are reading this blog, remember, it is love that makes this world go round. It is love for yourself and love for others, is what will help you see through the hardships in life. Go outside your comfort zone and make friends, then welcome them into your family, it will forever change your perspective on life, and you will Never EVER regret it! 🙂

Remember: You are not alone in this world. I am here with you.


*The song that is being played is titled “After Hanabi” (means fireworks in Japanese). This track is by my favorite Japanese hip-hop producer, who had recently passed away this year, Nujabes. RIP

When Life Gets Tough…

December 6, 2009 3 comments

During the holidays it’s common to see people writing about what they’re thankful for and why they’re excited about the holidays, reminiscing of holiday memories.

The same way that these people cause themselves to feel feelings of joy, by thinking of positive experiences of the past, is the same way that people cause themselves to feel feelings of sadness, stress, or hurt, by thinking of negative experiences of the past.

NOTE! I am in no way disregarding of anyone’s experiences, positive or negative. You may have had an experience of your past that is truly traumatizing, that I may never be able to understand, and for this to have happened to you, I am truly sorry.

What today’s blog is about, is choices, and how we can improve our chances of making the best choice for us. All of us are born of different paths and opportunities, but all of us are given the opportunity to make the best choice of what is given in our life.

To give an example, I’ll share with you why I love martial arts so much. Martial arts focuses on the discipline of beliefs, not just self-defense. If you discipline yourself to follow a certain set of beliefs, you will get far in life (be careful, it works for negative beliefs too, i.e. any dictator). I decided to strive to discipline myself on making the choice to try to live by the golden rule; “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

For those of you that strive to live by this rule, people that also follow it, will notice you. For those that do not follow it, they too will notice you, (Don’t worry about the one’s that don’t follow it, even if they are of blood). For those people that you meet, who do follow it, surround yourself with them. Make good, strong lasting relationships, with these people, for when life gets tough, you will have these kind of people to rely on.

Now ask yourself. Do you lie to people constantly?  Do you cheat people out of what they deserve?  Do you think that you surround yourself with people that will remain honest and would not cheat you? That, when life gets tough, you will be surrounded with people like you? Wanna surround yourself with good people? Strive to live a good life, with good morals, and I promise that you will see people with lacking morals a mile away (with “banners and flags” on them to warn you). To live a life of good morals and beliefs is the road less traveled.

When life gets tough, what choices do you make to survive?

Here’s an answer from one of the greatest motivational speakers and entrepreneurs of our time; “and I kept the faith. See that’s the deal. Keep the faith with your family. Fight like crazy, and keep faith. Fight the enemy and keep faith. Fight illness and keep faith!” –Jim Rohn RIP 12-5-09