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Getting Off Track, To Get On Course

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

You’ve decided to enter for a race. You train hard to build your endurance and strength. You test yourself, and you feel ready for the competition/race that you entered. Prior to the race, after all of your training, you decide to take a course of action, and select your team that you feel is meant to help you achieve the goal of winning in that competition.

The team is doing great, accomplishing all tasks that are given. Days/weeks pass in the competition, and things become more and more challenging, more and more taxing on the team’s morale, (and the leader’s morale). The competition comes nearing the final days, and the team is not seeing hope in winning the race….is not seeing it possible to command “success,” towards the task that they all agreed to accomplish together….what does someone do when they see the team is losing hope? What does someone do when they see the team has lost faith in their leader??? When they see that the track towards their goal seems less and less achievable?

When you have a team. Every member of that team matters…no matter how small, or how big their role. If you have even one member of a, hundred man team, leave, and you cannot find an adequate replacement…then guess what…you are out of the race!!!

Please know that it doesn’t mean that you are a loser…it just means, that you have to learn from your mistakes, and better prepare for the next time that you decide to enter a race.

How does this have to do with getting off track to get on course???

When you lose a race, that means that you could not remain on track to complete the competition that you had entered. Yes, you lost the race/competition…but what occurs, is a beautiful lesson of what’s required of you in order to enter a competition, and win a race.

Preparation is everything, both for a team, and especially a leader. To be a leader means more than what anyone ever expects. Even current leaders of our time could take 5 mins to tell you how much they did not expect so much would be required of them to lead a successful team….this is in no way to excuse leaders for their decision making, but it is simply to share a sliver of the perspective from a leader.

A leader tries their best to remain on track to bring their team towards success.

Even if the team doesn’t win that competition, or that race…what makes a leader, and a team successful…is that they try, try again. If the team disbands, then the leader must re-group with a new team.

Even if the team cannot remain on track, winning the competition or the race. It is through these learning lessons that the team re-groups, or the leader thinks of a new method to get back on course.

Continue walking on the path that you live…even if you get off track, and people view you differently.

Never give up, and continue to stay strong with your beliefs, so that you can get back on course with your beliefs, your values, your life.

Maybe you have to decide to enter a new competition so that you can get back on course? You wont know until you believe in yourself, and try. Trying a new competition doesn’t mean that you give up…make sure that you stay focused to your core intention(s), as to why you entered the “race.”

I believe in you. Keep up the good work, even if people criticize you!




Being On A New Path In Life

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

In one of my previous blog passages I had written about making the decision to walk on a new path in life after you have “fallen” on your journey. I spoke of the new path being unknown, and even scary. Before I talk more about the difference between the two paths, I want to bring a little more clarity.

The path of life that you walk on is like a tree. No tree on mother earth grows straight up, for even the great redwood tree’s branches grow outward so as to collect light from the sun, and even bamboo curves over the years as it grows.

When you were on your old path in life, you may have received many blessings, such as increased wealth, opportunities, and responsibilities. But now maybe something has happened in your life to cause you to lose your increased wealth, & opportunities, and maybe even lost your relationship with someone in your life. Hopefully you have completed your grieving, and are starting to notice something different about your life.

Do you notice that the air you breathe may seem a little different? Maybe the opportunities that you’re receiving are a little different? Do you even notice that you may be at the start of a new relationship? Take a look at your surroundings, they’re not the same…even your mind doesn’t feel the same. You are on a new path in your life; you have started a new chapter in your book…maybe you have even started reading an entirely new book!

Do not question the world, “why am I on a new path? It’s scary!” Do not fear the unknown of the new things in life that are being revealed to you. Embrace them, as you deserve them! You deserve new opportunities, new responsibilities, new friends, even a new relationship with someone special! Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated!!! A tree does not question why it must grow upwards towards something greater than itself. A tree just knows that it must grow upwards…towards the light 😉 We must grow “upwards & forwards,” towards the light, (towards the truth), towards love.

Some of you may still be enduring though…going through a very challenging time in your life, and feel like there is no end in sight. If it is something that is in your control, then you must change your ways before you become the doing of your own destruction. If it is something that is out of your control, please know that my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I may not have the personal experience of what you are going through, but know that you are not alone. Find those people who have survived through the same trials and tribulations, and look to them for strength and guidance. If you do not have the strength or will to do the research on your own, just simply ask the person nearest to you. Seek, and you shall find. I have two blog passages that may be of some use as well, titled “Why Endure,” and “How Do You Stay Motivated.” Every little bit helps! 🙂

No matter what the path is that you are on in your journey, know that it is love that you should be seeking. All other things tangible will be provided.

*I have just created a vlog version of the passage. Please feel free to check it out!